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Open source is about more than just using a certain type of software; when well understood, open source can be a process that significantly impacts and causes a rethinking of the original problem one was faced with when they first turned to it for assistance. When open source is embraced by one's business process, it sets in motion a network effect that opens the door to many previously unrealized possibilities.

The Open Source Financial Developers Association (OSFDA) is a newly formed group of software developers with experience in various areas of finance: accounting, trading transaction systems, cryptocurrencies, reporting, and numerous other topics. Members of the OSFDA provide mutual support to each other through the sharing of technical expertise and professional advice, thus making the knowledge of all its members stronger than any single member could be. The OSFDA also insures quality control and accountability of its members and their work product by adherence to a Code of Professional Ethics and Practice (which can be viewed here). This Code has been derived with gracious permission from the Association for Computing Machinery's (ACM) Code of Ethics and Professional Practice, revised for greater relevance to issues facing financial software developers, and also to be more rigorous with respect to its language.

In the weeks and months to come, you will be witnessing the transformation of this site into a destination for technical advice for organizations seeking to tap into the power of open source software, with a specific focus on issues governing financial operations. We welcome professionals interested in joining the OSFDA to stop by "BitDevs" in New York, when many of our members meet in person to discuss cryptocurrencies (please RSVP at the BitDevs meetup page...)

Presently the OSFDA is a New York based organization, but we are open to new chapters being established in other regions provided we feel there could be sufficiently capable and responsible stakeholders designated to oversee operations there. But please note that a strong adherence to the Code of Professional Ethics and Practice is a non-negotiable requirement to establishing such a chapter.